About Us:

The Spin 90 llc Training Program, created by Coach John Hughes, has been developed after 20 years of racing experience, studying, and training with top level athletes.

There are thousands of training programs, but the Spin 90 Program goes beyond just an ordinary workout or training plan. Spin 90 breaks down workouts and drills to isolate cycling specific and complimentary muscles. This improves your riding form and power output while explaining the “how" and "why” of each exercise.

The Spin 90 Indoor Program simulates real riding situations so your legs are better prepared for authentic riding experiences. We explain shifting, interpreting terrain, and how to approach different riding scenarios to set you up for success.

The Spin 90 Outdoor Program is real life, on the road, training. We ride different courses evaluating each rider. Our small classes allow us to teach each rider on how to take a hill, how to shift correctly, and how to become a stronger more confident cyclist based on personal skill levels.

For more advanced riders, we focus on a higher level of training, using intervals, and other techniques to develop a competitive athlete for a winning time.

Spin 90 is a “no judgment” training program. We have riders who don’t know how to use their shifters, to athletes competing in multiple Iron Man events. Regardless of your skill level, the Spin 90 program and instructors are not only skilled and trained athletes, but love the sport and are passionate about teaching others how to be their best.